B&H Capsules 60's (Pai Du Mei Yan Bao)(排毒美顏寶)

B&H Capsules 60's (Pai Du Mei Yan Bao)(排毒美顏寶)

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No.1 Award-winning BNH Capsules 60

(Pai Du Mei Yan Bao) 排毒美顏寶

No.1 Leading Detox Supplement for 19 years (Since 1998)

It had been proven that B&H Capsules are able to successfully remove 80% of the body's toxins after a three-month cycle. It is also effective in breaking down encrustation in the colon and removing it from the body.


Introduction B&H Capsules is undoubtedly LFI's best selling product in Hong Kong and Singapore! This product has won numerous prestigious industry awards for its performance and quality, the most significant being the Hong Kong Top Ten Products Award and the Superbrands award. Numerous celebrities in Hong Kong including Singapore's own Marcus Chin have testified to B&H Capsules as the secret to their perennial radiance.

Why Do I Need B&H Capsules?

Detoxification is the process of purging body waste, which is accumulated from the food we eat and the environment we are exposed to. Our body has its own cleansing system to expel the waste matter from itself through a number of detoxification channels:

1. The Liver
The liver is the body's main filtering system. Toxins travel through the blood stream and are filtered by the liver. However, the liver has limited filtration capabilities and many health conditions occur when the liver is incapable of handling excess amounts of toxins.
2. The Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is the body's front-line defense against foreign invaders like germs and viruses. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the important role lymph nodes play until something serious happens to them. Lymph nodes act like sponges - they mop up the toxins in our body. The system may not be able to handle it when there are too much toxins. It will then break down and cause diseases like Hodgkin's and lymphoma result.
3. The Kidneys
Kidneys expel toxins through the urinary system. They also help regulate the amount of water, essential salts (i.e. sodium) and potassium in the body. When the kidneys fail to function properly, external cleansing has to be conducted in the form of dialysis; otherwise you can die of poisoning.
4. The Skin
The skin is our body’s largest detoxification organ. Waste material is eliminated from the body via perspiration through sweat pores in our skin. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema occur when the body is unable to purge toxins through the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, forcing them to be expelled through the skin.
5. The Lungs
The lung is the next largest organ to be in constant contact with the air and environment around us. The lungs perform the key role of filtering gases in and out of our system and respiratory tract diseases are very often related to an overload of toxins in the body.
6. The Colon
The colon consists of the body’s big and small intestine. This detoxification system is responsible for the removal of most of our body’s toxins. If this vital channel is not effective, the other channels will have to take on the burden of clearing the toxins through its respective means.

When the body is unable to get rid of the waste matter or toxins inside, you may experience any of the following symptoms:
Lethargy or fatigue
Low immunity
Bad breath
Hormonal dysfunction

All these symptoms may range from being slightly embarrassing (i.e. bad breath), to becoming potentially cancer-causing (i.e. colon cancer). Other than keeping our body free of toxins, regular detoxification has other benefits like:
Keeping bodily functions balanced
Improving overall well-being (internal health) and overall appearance

How Does B&H Capsules Work?
B&H Capsules contain a potent combination of proprietary Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients specifically formulated to heighten colon or intestinal activities. When the colon system is functioning efficiently, the other detoxification channels are relieved from the stress of having to purge toxins. The colon system has also shown to be the most effective channel among the six detoxification channels.

It had been proven that B&H Capsules are able to successfully remove 80% of the body's toxins after a three-month cycle. It is also effective in breaking down encrustation in the colon and removing it from the body.

In addition, it contains COS essence, which has also proven that it can promote peristalsis of the digestive tract, break down stubborn fat, inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent inflammation.









*       肥胖

*       面无生气或者疲劳

*       便秘、免疫力疲弱

*       口臭

*       荷尔蒙功能紊乱

所有以上种种症状可从轻微的尴尬(例如:口臭)至最严重可能引发癌症(例如:结肠癌) 。


















*       抗衰老

*       平衡身体功能

*       促进全面的健康(内部的健康)

*       改进仪容外表


“ 排毒美顏寶” 如何帮您排毒? 


当结肠系统有效地在运作时,其它排毒管道清洗毒素的压力将会大大的被减低。在 6个排毒管道中,结肠系统是最为有效的排毒管道。

“排毒美顏寶”已证明能成功地在 3 个月的周期后消除身体中80%的毒素,“排毒美颜宝”也能有效地分解结肠内的硬壳。

“排毒美顏寶” 所含有的COS精华也被证明能有效的促进消化道的蠕动,摧毁顽固的脂肪,抑制细菌滋生和防止发炎。



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